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Taipei Expats Guide BooksOur Trusted guides for expats living abroad, offering valuable information and helpful tips for all expats living, travelling, studying or working overseas. Our guides are clearly laid out with defined categories and labels to for its user-friendliness. We’re now offering our new Taipei Guide. (More info).

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Taipei news, reports & notifications.Get the latest on our accurate weather forecasts to plan ahead within the city. You can also stay in date with our Taipei & Taiwan news in English, with constant access to our online earthquake & typhoon report services which receives the government’s latest notifications.

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Taipei Events CalendarExplore the many things that are happening today, along with upcoming events & festivals in Taipei by our new Taipei Event Calendar. Our Events Calendar presents a wide range of events, from exhibitions & art, which now includes festivals & children’s events.

Taipei Events

Taipei Expat ToolsWe’re now offering a full range of useful expat tools, all for free! If you need to do a search for Chinese phrases, use maps to locate locations, Ubikes or MRT stations, or if you just want to see the current exchange rates, you’ll find them all here as helpful expat tools.

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