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Welcome to the Taipei Expats™ community.




Welcome to The Expat Group Networks for Taipei

Expat Group Networks Categories

Information & Advice CategoryInformation & Advice

Providing help and assistance with information, tips and advice to other expats in Taipei. Feel free to find the groups that interest you and join in the discussions with other like-minded expats.

6 groups listed

Business & Networks CategoryBusiness & Networks

Enabling a valuable way to build your business and make contacts in order to expand your professional network. Members share their ideas about business & life experiences, referrals and events.

6 groups listed

Cultural & Entertainment categoryCultural & Entertainment

For anyone who wants to share their passion for arts and the local culture. They explore the rich offering of music, performing and visual arts, museums, and exhibitions in Taipei, Taiwan.

6 groups listed

Cultural & Entertainment categoryNationalities & Languages

Those who are looking for language tutors, or language exchange partners for Chinese or English in Taipei. to discuss languages, exchange meetups, or even any related academic courses in or around Taipei.

6 groups listed

Social & Nightlife categorySocial & Nightlife

Providing an easy, fun, and social way to experience socializing with like-minded expats in Taipei. Groups here provide venues and events to help you plan your night with friends, and meet new people wherever within the city.

6 groups listed

Sports & Leisure categorySports & Leisure

For all training and active expats in Taipei. Feel free to join and contribute to the groups that interest you. Join local teams and sport events. Benefit as a local community from the information, questions, member’s personal experiences, shared sports related posts.

6 groups listed

Foodie & Dining categoryFoodie & Dining

For expats who love food to come together in one place. Members are able to meet local foodies and have fun talking about food, taking pictures of food, and eat in the local area of Taipei.

6 groups listed

Political & Support categoryPolitical & Support

Providing discussions of a broad range of legal matters, such as Taiwan immigration issues and discrimination which surrounds the Taiwanese legal system. They can provide free referral services to get English speaking foreigners with the right English speaking attorneys at the right price.

6 groups listed

Women only categoryWomen only

Helping female expats to meet other like-minded women for organised meetups for a variety of activities, such as day trips and sightseeing, learning new skills, topical discussions and listen to talks within the Taipei area.

6 groups listed

Family & Kids categoryFamily & Kids

For parents to be able to post activities, classes, functions, festivals and various activities and opportunists to enable all parents and kids to know what is going on and to make some fun. Members share and discover all the activities of Taipei.

6 groups listed

Volunteering & Charity categoryVolunteering & Charity

For promoting volunteerism and charity work in Taipei. Members get together to help their communities within the city.

6 groups listed

Miscellaneous categoryMiscellaneous

Everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else, members join and contribute to these groups to share information, news, science, philosophy, questions, polls, ideas , debates, videos, photos, poetry and etc.

6 groups listed



● Recommended Taipei Expat Groups linking to Facebook groups, Meetup groups.

Base your interests within your Profile Details. Edit interests.

Taipei Hikers group profile imageTaipei Hikers group

We explore the hills, gorges, waterfalls and other landscapes around Taipei. We run half-day and day hikes, weekend scooter trips, and the occasional high mountain treks. Walks are of all levels, so there’s something for everyone.

Teachers against group profile imageTeachers Against Discrimination

Teachers Against Discrimination in Taiwan is a grassroots movement working towards fair and inclusive representation within Taiwan’s workforce. TADIT was created for the purpose of promoting equality in the hiring practices of English teachers in Taipei and across Taiwan.

Foreigners Society in Taiwan group profile imageForeigners Society in Taiwan

Foreigners society in Taiwan is a group where you can give advice, make friends to combat loneliness, share things of interest, discuss cultural differences in Taiwan, and share any information that you would think other foreigners should know.

DELICIOUS TAIPEI! group profile imageDELICIOUS TAIPEI! 台北美食通!

This is a Taipei-based group on all things related to food. We share ideas, restaurant reviews, delicious food, having food celebrations and educating ourselves through workshops and just reveling in the joy that food supplies in Taipei, Taiwan.

Langveler 語遊客 group profile imageLangveler 語遊客

This is a stage where members can help each other to expand your horizons, open up to new ideas, broaden your insight. You can find your LE partners, Couchsurfing hosts, language tutors, talent exchange, travel mates, flat-mates , foreign workers, or just a friend to hang out with.

List group group profile imageAdd your own group link to the Taipei Expats Network

You can create or list your own Taipei group here to reach out to taipei expats who share interests in your group activities and communities. You are able to tag the related categories so that members can find and join your group.

Can’t find the right group? Create it here.

Want your group found on our Taipei Expat Network? list it here.

Why create a linkup page to your group on Taipei Expats?

Linking up your group with Taipei Expats enables a channel for expats in Taipei who would be interested in joining as an active member of your group.

Our Taipei Expat members are able to find your hosted group page, to enable them access to your group related resource content, along with the main link to your actual group page to wherever it is based online, (such as Facebook, meetup.com and anywhere else your group is based on the Internet).

What are the benefits of linking up your group with a group page in Taipei Expats?

• Help you gain interested members by advertising your group to our expat community. We promote groups that are based in Taipei which are linked up to Taipei Expats. We promote these groups to selected members of our expat community who show to have a direct interest, to then guide them to your actual group location.

• We Provide group-specific information and resources to those interested in your group. Our supporting resources would be provided on your group’s gateway page which directly links up to your group location.

• We’re here to help improve life experiences for expatriates living & working in Taipei. We understand how life in Taiwan as an expatriate isn’t always easy. Expats may encounter a wide range of issues, such as loneliness, struggling to make new friends with the locals and other expats, or even having a limited amount of knowledge of the local facilities and activities which are available to them. Our group linkup service aims to improve the expat life experience by guiding them to the the right groups that fulfil their needs and interests whilst in Taipei.

How do I setup a group linkup page that would direct expats in Taipei to my group?

  1. Fill out the group linkup application form.

  2. Choose for any additional group content features on your linkup page.

  3. Read and accept the Terms of Services and submit your application.

  4. We should get back to you shortly after its submission, this is once we have carefully setup and uploaded your group linkup page.